Procurement Services

Tuff Offshore has in-house team of Contracts and Procurement Experts with Global Industry Experience in,

  • Conversant with end‐to‐end oil and gas tendering & contracting requirements
  • Specialist knowledge, experience, expertise, contacts, systems and technology to define global procurement models, conceive strategy and design optimal procurement governance structures
  • Leverage and derive benefits of economies of scale and ensure cost certainty for activities where demand and costs are uncertain or fluctuating in the current market
  • Well qualified to appreciate and appropriately and rapidly respond to different client's requirement and situations.

All contracting and procurement functions will be conducted in full compliance with the Client’s protocols that includes PSCs, JoA, HSE&Q, Cost Recovery, Local Content and other Corporate Policies on purchasing, ethics, anti‐corruption and audit compliance requirements.

All long lead items are identified and ordered during initial stages of the project. Our team maintains, evaluates and expands on reliable sources and backup sources to ensure supplier delivery meets the project requirements.